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Top 5 Teas That Improve Health

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Matcha is pretty popular amongst the community and the reasons are pretty clear. With all the health benefits you can take advantage of with Matcha, it’s clearly number one on this list. Matcha is high in antioxidants, which help are substances that can protect your cells against free radicals, which can play a role in several diseases such as heart disease, cancer and various others. Free radicals are molecules in our body that are produced when our body breaks down food or when we’re exposed to radiation or tobacco smoke. Matcha is also rich in catechins, whiles this is found in many green teas, it has been suggested that matcha has even greater potential health benefits compared to other green teas.



This tea usually has a base of green, black or white teas, in which is scented with the blossoms from the jasmine plant. The blossoms are used to infuse the tea with its powerful and beneficial aroma. Since jasmine is typically made from green tea, it’s packed with many of the same powerful health benefits. This tea may aid with weight loss, if you’re trying to lose weight, drinking jasmine tea may speed up your metabolism by 4–5% while increasing fat burning by 10–16% Jasmine it’s has been linked to reducing the impact of stress, due to its sensory aromas. They say jasmine tea is the tea of therapy.


Rooibos Tea

This tea is caffein-free and native to South Africa from the Aspalathus linearis plant. Research suggests that Rooibos tea protects against the liver and heart health. This tea contains very low levels of tannis and may help people that suffer from diabetes, aiding them in keeping their blood sugar level under control. A big one to note for this tea is the anti-ageing properties. A 2010 study made cosmetic blends using the herbal extract in a gel-based form and applying it to the skin may improve the appearance of wrinkles and premature ageing. Other have suggested that the tea may help with allergies, digestive problems and poor appetite.



This tea is interesting because it can help provide cognitive benefits. A number of studies found that this tea can help improve your mental health state, memory, and overall mood. We love tea that improves our mood! Sage is also being used in the beauty community; you can find the ingredient in some skincare products. This may promote healthy skin and wound healing when applied externally. Internally the tea may promote oral health, due to its anti-inflammatory properties and if your trying to target bad breath it could also help with that as a bonus! Great tea for the morning!



The Hibiscus plant has a flower called the calyx. Dried Calyces are what’s used to make hibiscus tea. This herbal tea may help people that are at risk of high blood pressure as well as body temperature. This tea is naturally tart and calorie-free, so often people use its benefits as an aid to losing weight or even just as a nutritional beverage. Hibiscus has been shown to work as a natural diuretic, which pulls salt out of our bodies. The main compounds found in hibiscus flowers are organic acids, which is where the anti-oxidants origin from, potentially reducing the risk of many diseases.


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